Sunday, 27 August 2017

OMC Prayer Place! Prayer from August 27, 2017

Pray for Jenn Doerksen, she is scheduled for surgery on
August 31. Pray for Wisdom for the doctors and that the
surgery would be a success and pray as she recovers that
God would grant much peace and healing. .

Pray for others in our congregation who are sick or
recovering from surgery.
Pray for healing and a sense of God’s presence in their trials.

Pray for the farmers as they bring in the harvest. Pray
for safety. Praise for good weather during harvest.

Pray for those who are still seeking for jobs or for those
who are facing trials that they would see God’s hand
moving to answer their prayers.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Pray for OMC Missionaries.

Janaya Dasiuk - Serving in Australia with YWAM
Praise that she was able to renew her Australian visa
Pray that all she does would be done in love and that she would be an encouragement to those she rubs shoulders with.
Pray for continued growth as she takes a six month Biblical counselling course, starting in October of this year.  
Pray for continued provision of finances– she will need roughly $11,000.00 to cover expenses over the next number of months. 

Carmen Pahl - Serving with YFC
Pray for more people to partner with her in ministry, her monthly support is roughly half of what it needs to be   
Pray for the girls she works with, many of them struggle with depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Pray for wisdom to know how to love and encourage them.
Pray for her transition into a new role as Communications director for Calbreak. Pray that she would be well organized and able to learn quickly.
Pray for her as she moves into the city, that she would transition well and that her apartment would be a safe place for girls to go and hang out.

Dave and Judy Wright- Serving with Ethnos 360
Praise for the relationships being built with individuals in key positions in the First Nations community
Pray for wisdom as he prepares lessons for the second and third stages of the Explore 10:10 teaching. 
Pray for more work space as the ministry grows

 Ken and Bertha Guenther - Serving with SEND 
Praise that the family  camp at their church went well.  They were at full capacity and two women were baptised. 
Praise for wisdom as they train their missionaries in language and culture
Pray for Ken as he seeks to provide coaching for the field leadership in Ukraine on developing vision and goals for the future
Pray for guidance in forming a new ministry team to work with international students in Kyiv  

Dawson Redekop - Serving in Africa
Praise for all that God is doing in and through him
Pray for continued strength and perseverance 
Pray for wisdom in how to best love and minster to those around him
Pray for good relationships with his team mates and people in the surrounding communities where they minster 

 Jerry and Angela Doerksen - Serving in Japan
Praise that their house sold   
Pray that their full support would come in before they leave for Japan
Pray for their transition into life and ministry overseas 
Pray that God would provide David and Ezra with good friends in Japan
Pray for grace in sorting out all the details of their transition

 Grant and Nettie Pattimore - Serving in Sask. 
Praise for the summer season which they enjoy so much and for the arrival of camp season and all the kids that will be able to attend
Praise for a van to be able to take kids to camp with
Pray for plans for the fall, that the Lord will provide help for both the kids and the teens
Pray that Grant will be able to get a hip replacement, it is worn out, and he’s been having trouble walking.

Cam and Josie Janzen - Serving with ISMC
Pray for their staff conference from July 9 –15
Pray new local leadership as he goes into a fulltime national role
Pray for his preparation for his upcoming sabbatical– they are several years overdue on taking one .

 Jake and Dorothy Fehr - Serving in Bolivia
Praise for the finishing of the Ministry Centre and RBC Radio station. 
Pray for Cornie and Tina as they look to the Lord for funding for equipment and setting up this radio station.
Pray for RCB as they set up all their programs in Low German and Spanish that the voice of the good news will spread to all who do not know Him and encourage others.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

OMC Prayer Place! Prayer from July 30, 2017

-Continue to pray for Pastor Bill & Anne. They are on Holidays till-August 17. Pray that they be enriched and encouraged during this time of rest.
- Continue to pray for camp ministries and 5 day clubs. Pray for the children who have accepted Christ. Pray for the staff to remain energetic and enthusiastic.
- Pray for those in our congregation on vacations. Pray for a time of refreshing and encouragement for strengthening of marriages and family ties.
- Pray for victory in Spiritual battles. Prayer is not a small ministry. The enemy is aware that this is how we defeat his strongholds in our lives. He doesn't take a vacation so let us pray for each other to stand strong.

OMC Prayer Place! Prayer from July 23, 2017

-Pray for Pastor Bill & Anne. They will be on Holidays from July 26-August 17. Pray that they be enriched and encouraged during this time of rest.
-Continue to pray for camp ministries across the province. Many children are hearing God’s word, pray for the Spirit of God to move and for open hearts to hear.
- Pray for those in our midst who are facing trials or various kinds, pray that we as a church would be sensitive to the needs of others and reach out to care and help.
- Pray for Dave Wright as he continue to develop the Explore 10:10 ministry and wisdom as he search for space for an office as the ministry is expanding.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

OMC Prayer Place! Prayer from July 16, 2017

July 16 2017

Pray for those who are sick. Pray for Barb Miller and her
family. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for God to
give peace and healing.

Pray for camp workers and Campers. Pray for attentive
hearts during devotions and teaching times, for wisdom
for Cabin leaders and speakers as they minister to the

Pray for Pastor Bill, Speaking at Rockridge this morning.
Pray for open hearts to hear the Word.

Pray for the 5 Day clubs that are being hosted and taught
in the Warman and Osler communities. Pray for an inter-
ested kids to come out and hear the message.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

OMC Prayer Place! Prayer from July 9, 2017

Pray for those involved in 5 day clubs. Pray for the teachers
as they teach and for the children to come out.

Pray for the youth during this time of transition in leader-
ship. Pray also for the many youth that are involved in
summer ministries.

Pray for new graduates as they make plans for the future.

Praise God for His continued peace and healing hand on
those who are sick, physically emotionally and mentally.
Praise God for endurance and joy in times of trial.

Praise God for faithful workers in the church, for worship
teams, Sunday school teachers, child care workers and
many other behind the scene workers. Pray for them as
they faithfully serve through the summer months.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

OMC Prayer Place! Prayer from July 2, 2017

Pray for newly weds and those getting married this summer, that God would be the foundation as they begin their married lives together and for God honoring marriages.

Praise God for His continued peace and healing hand on those who are sick, physically emotionally and mentally. Praise God for endurance and joy in times of trial.

Pray that God would move in the hearts of young people as they hear your Word at Bible camps and pray God would give them a clear understanding of salvation for the lost and draw those in relationship already into a deeper relationship with you.

Praise God for Canada, for the freedom we have to worship our God. Pray for Christian leaders to be Spirit led..